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Holiday Hoops Alumni Basketball Games

15th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Basketball Games

15th annual 2019

Havre Public Schools Education Foundation was host to the 15 th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Basketball Games, held Friday, December 27, 2019 at Havre High School gymnasium at 7 pm. Admission to the game was a non-perishable food item or toiletry item to be donated to the Havre Public Schools Pantry.

The evening was easy going and relaxing, just what is needed after the busy Christmas holiday. Alumni enjoy getting together for a ‘just for fun’ game and friends, family and fans have a great time cheering on their favorite alum. This year there was a new twist for the teams. One team was ‘The Fossil’s’. In honor of the HPSEF upcoming Fossil Festival - All Class Reunion 2020 year long planning and promotion. Some of the players wore a Fossil’s t-shirt (provided by HPSEF) not according to age, just for fun.

The Havre High TSA, tech clubs, had concessions available. The participating players (and year they graduated) were: Grayson Winsor ’08 * Kenny Pester ’08 * Jacob LaBrie ’17 * Jase Kato ’15 * Jonathan Faber ‘14 Nate Korb ’17 * Kade Rismon ’14 * Kassidy Compton ’19 * Lauren Kato ’19 * Ryen Olson ‘18 Kaylee Nystrom ’18 * Jacob Sedahl ’17 * Morgan Mazurkiewicz ’15 * Austin DeLaRosa ‘19 Trey Murphy ’18 * Ivar Aageson ’18 * Abbey Morse ’19 * Kaden Keto ’09 * Kevin Tibbetts ‘09  Greg Kinholt ’77 * Travis Abdullah ’77 * Tysen Sangrey ‘19 

The ‘Fossil’s’ won the main event. Thanks, girls and guys of all ages for a great evening.

14 th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Basketball Games 2018

alumni game 2018

We would like to say THANK YOU to the following volunteers and participants for the success of the 14th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Basketball Games. Dennis & Jean Murphy, we couldn't have done it without you. Patch Wirtzberger and Grayson Winsor, once again you came through for us and organized the players and game night. Skills USA, thanks for the concessions, always need a snack while watching a game. Coca Cola Co. for providing water for our players. Thank you, again, Carol Gabrielson, "Portrait of a Pony" for capturing the action and players with your amazing photographs. To all that purchased raffle tickets, we appreciate your support. There were 2 baskets raffled off, just to add a little something extra to the evening festivities. Congrats to Jodi Korb, who took home the Blue Pony basket and Pam West won the New Year's basket. Thanks all fans that came out to cheer on their favorite alumni and brought food for the food bank. We are proud to say we delivered 117 pounds of non-perishable food items to help replenish the food bank
shelves. And last but not least, thank you players, without you there would be no game. John Shennum, * Morgan Mazurkiewicz * Sam Lippy * Tanner Lowe * Grayson Winsor * Anfernee Standing Rock * Jason Castillon * Tony Filler * Nate Korb * Trey Trahant * Kaylee Nystrom * Jacob LaBrie * Jase Stokes * Jase Kato * Nate Rismon * Kade Rismon * Jake Sedahl * Isaac Warp * Trey Murphy * Julie Wagner Reesor * Kevin Tibbits. Thank you time/score keepers: Mason Rismon, Trent Maloughney, Kaleb Spangler and Dylan Chvilicek.


13th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Game 2017

Tuesday, December 26th the Foundation was pleased to host the annual alumni basketball game, held at Havre Middle School. Twenty-five alumni players took to the hardwood to enjoy some friendly competition. Several spectators in the stands had a good time cheering for their favorite alum. The participating players were:

Patch Wirtzberger * Grayson Winsor * CJ Evans * Tanner Veis * Kade Rismon * Jared Boles * Austin After Buffalo * Tony Filler * Jake Sedahl * Jase Stokes * Erin Patera * Jason Castillion * Ryan Divish * John Shennum * Nate Korb  * Jacob Labrie * Jace Kato * Anfernee Standing Rock * Tanner Lowe * Sam Lippy * Miles Mazurkiewicz * Nate Rismon * Morgan Mazurkiewicz * Tori Mazurkiewicz * Trey Trahant * HPSEF Board of Directors would like to thank Havre Middle School for use of the gymnasium and for selling beverages and snacks from the concession stand. Culligan generously provided water for the players, New Media Broadcasters and Havre Daily News helped inform the public of the game. Thanks Kyle Leeds for time/score keeping and Carol Gabrielson for taking photos, for several of her action shots visit Facebook ‘Portrait of a Pony’. Success of the evening is due to Patch and Grayson for organizing, contacting players and running the game. 

Thank you to the many fans that donated several boxes of food items to be delivered to Havre Food Bank

2016 - 12th Annual Holiday Hoops enjoyed by many.

Havre Public Schools Education Foundation held it's 12th Annual Holiday Hoops Blue Pony Alumni Games on Monday December 26th at Havre Middle School. An outstanding turnout of alumni players and fans were in attendance. Fans were asked to donate a non-perishable food item as their fee for the evening. The Foundation is pleased to announce that 99#'s of food was delivered to the Havre Food Bank following the games.

HPSEF would like to thank the generous event sponsors that made the evening possible. Thank you Havre Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Bear Paw Credit Union, D.A.Davidson, Duck Inn, Inc., McDonald's, Stockman Bank, Triangle Communication, Valley Furniture, PJ's Restaurant, Walmart, Gallery Lounge, Steve Mariani Ins. and Stromberg Enterprises. Several prizes were donated of which one was given to the oldest female and oldest male alumni players. The remaining prizes were given to spectators whose name was drawn. Thank you for the great prizes, Bing N Bob's, Ben Franklin Crafts, Havre Ford, Independence Bank, MSU-Northern Bookstore and Carol Gabrielson.   

Before the games began many of the fans filled up on delicious Chili provided by PJ's, including chips from MSU-Northern food service and cookies from Havre Public Schools.  The main event of the evening, the games, would not have been possible without Patch Wirtzberger and Grayson Winsor. A big thank you to them for spending weeks contacting alumni to participate and handling necessary details as well as being 2 of the 30 players. The rest of the participating alumni are CJ Evans, Tanner Veis, Jared Weigel, Billy, Gary and  Dani Wagner, Nate, Kade and Shawn Rismon, Jared Boles, Austin After Buffalo, Kevin Tibbetts, Andy Kiem, Jason Castillion, Jeremy Giardina, Paige Henderson, Tori and Morgan Mazurkiewicz, Michael Sharp, Andy Pester, Chris Brandt, Jonathan Faber, Tray Trahant, Michael Compton, Tanner Lowe, John Shennum, Ramsay Drew and Wyatt Lindbloom. Also, thank you very much for the game officials Clay Vincent and Lindsay Eagleman and the score/time keeper, Cori Winsor. Thanks also to New Media Broadcasters and Havre Daily News for helping get the word out about the games. Please accept an apology if anyone was inadvertently left out.

HPSEF is very pleased the players and volunteers shared their time and talent with the community and so many fans came out to cheer on their favorite alumni. The Foundation is very proud of all past, current and future Blue Ponies.

2015 - 11th Annual Holiday Hoops.