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We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Foundation in 2017.

Those that participated in a fundraiser, sent a memorial, funded a scholarship or just because.

We would not exist and be able to serve our purpose without the support of these generous donors.

Blue Pony Bingo participants

Blue Pony Spirit Clubs members

  • Anderson Zurmuehlen & Co., PC
  • Jan Elliott
  • Glenn & Michele Havskjold
  • Gerald & Claudia Howard
  • Thomas Lafond
  • Kevin & Paula Lamey
  • Brad & Bodelle Miller
  • Kirk & Nan Miller
  • Tillie Patterson Foundation
  • PEO Chapter AZ
  • Jon Swan
  • Charles & Patricia Turner
  • HHS Music Parents Association
  • Havre High Class of 1964
  • Havre High Class of 1976
  • Havre High Class of 1970:
  • Connie Berdass * Colleen Casey * Matthew Ellison 
  • Cheryl Hamblock * Tom & Jeannie Hertsgaard * Wayne Hewitt 
  • Gary Kampf * Joyce Kaylor * Susan Draeger Knapp * Mark Kuhr 
  • Teresa Miller * Allan Ost * Dan Oberg * Carla Pfeifle 
  • Kim Sather * Mickey Williams * Mark Zygmond

2017 Great Northern Fair

HPSEF had a booth at the 2017 Great Northern Fair, there were photos and facts about the Foundation. There was also a drawing to give away a Blue Pony Corn Hole Game. Jack Maloughney, president of the Board of Directors presented Earlene Dewinter, winner of the drawing, with her new game the week following the fair. We hope Earlene and her family enjoy their new game. Thank you to the volunteers that provided the game for the Foundation. Built by Bruce Finneman, painted by Kari Maloughney and the blue pony design was done by Mickey Haney, Julie Monson made the bean bags that are crucial to playing the game. The directors of the Foundation greatly appreciate the support of the community.

fair booth 17


During half time of the Blue Ponies season opener basketball game, HPSEF Board of Directors member and Treasure, Julie Monson presented HHS Athletic Director, Dennis Murphy, with a check for $620.00 for the Golf Team. The funds are to cover the cost of Divisional and State tournament fees. The money presented is made possible by the Bob Rangvold Memorial Funds entrusted to the Foundation specifically for the Golf Team. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise money and then award to students and educators in the form of Small Grants, Scholarships and in this case keep funds and disburse as per the request of the donor.




hps license plate

The Havre Public Schools Education Foundation is in the final stages of sponsoring a specialty license plate.  The HPSEF raises funds and actively provides financial support for the students and faculty of the Havre Public Schools. The license plate sponsorship allows the HPSEF the ability to increase its financial support of educational needs in the district through scholarships and small grants. A $20 purchase and annual renewal fee at the time of registration will help the HPSEF achieve these goals. The plates which depict Saddle Butte and the HHS logo, will be available for purchase the last week in January 2017.

The HPSEF promotes civic pride, community involvement and participation in our schools. Contributing to the Foundation is an investment in our young people. The HPSEF is committed to enhancing education in Havre and Hill County. It is in the best interest of a community that members join together to look for ways to guarantee provision for the educational needs of our young people.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the HPSEF at (406) 395-8550 ext. 6724.


We had a blast this year with our milk truck entry. We handed out chocolate milk cartons to kids and even got to chat with Miss Montana, a former Blue Pony, Lauren Scofield.

IMG 0806IMG 0809IMG 0805



The Havre Public Schools Education Foundation was sent a Grant Request from Janet Ingram, Havre Middle School Communication Arts Department, this past spring. The Foundation was pleased to be able to award the Grant Request. A description of the purpose of the request is best said by Janet herself.

"Mrs. Ingram, when do we get to go get our books?" This question echoed in my ears Wednesday during school. I was probably as excited or more so to answer! Through a grant from the Havre Education Foundation, on June 2, 2016, Havre Middle School was able to provide 3 books for every student enrolled in the building. A summer reading initiative trialed this year was off to a good start! 

The idea came up this winter when I received an email from a reading company based in Georgia. The email contained data showing how summer reading programs improve student performance during the school year, hoping to stem some of the 'brain drain' that occurs every year over the summer. After talking to administration and faculty, we decided to go for it and contacted the Foundation for grant approval.

Upon receiving news that our grant was approved, I sent in our order. The books arrived  on a packing crate. It was the biggest pile of books I'd ever seen. Looking at those stacks of boxes was sweet! Even sweeter was imagining the students who got to read them over the summer.

The program allows for student choice, which is a major factor in its success. Students were able to choose 2 from about 50 fiction books and 1 from over 70 nonfiction titles. Along with the books each student received a journal that he or she can fill out to keep track of plots and characters if desired. Next school year we will collect those journals to keep note of who participated and to be able to reward them with a pizza party.

Thanks to HPSEF for making such a positive impact on our community and, hopefully, someday beyond."unquote 

The Foundation Directors are anxious to hear from Janet this fall, she will let us know how she feels the program went and how the students enjoyed their books. Grants such as this are just one purpose of the Foundation, a non-profit organization formed to encourage and support excellence in education by raising, accumulating and disbursing funds to enhance and support educational opportunities for the students of Havre public schools.